Thursday, 26 January 2012

...and so it is done.

It's taken well over a week of uploading day and night on my slow rural internet connection and fitting it around constant client work, but all the DVD's I own copyright to are now available for free. Plus a few other videos that have either been lost over the years, spread in strange places no one but a few knew about or simply higher res versions.

There are many other videos I've done that as I don't own copyright I can't make free such as the 3d creative magazine ones I've done over the years (that could easily double this); and ones for 3D artist magazine coming up and of course the paid more recent FXPHD ones. But at over 46 1/2hours of free DVD's and videos isn't bad going for you all I think. I've no idea how much it would cost to buy them all...a fair bit though.

I do have one or two other things I want to still upload when I have time, but I'm going to take a well earned rest from uploading to the site for a while now. Let's not get this wrong this was a massive undertaking and one that has never been done before. No one has put their entire DVD back catalogue out for free..and certainly not on a very slow rural internet connection like I have. There are times over the last week I would have given my left nut for a faster upload speed. All videos have been uploaded with no help from anyone.... I don't think 3d palace wanted to kill their upload for a week lol.

There have been about 1% of predictable people with a problem, but to be frank I couldn't care less and neither could the vast majority of digital sculptors across the board of both Mudbox and Zbrush persuasion. This was not done for me, or them it was done to help people period. There's not even a proper back link to my main site on it lol.

So enjoy the videos and PLEASE remember they are not representative of my current standard of work as some are very old models that were used...even back then. Never say I don't do nice things for you all every now and again. ;) Now it's over to the rest of the industry and see if they can start and build on this idea of mine.