Thursday, 19 February 2015

How to Paint Darth Vader..The Hard Way

The Final (still. wet and unsigned) painting

The original 'Inverted painting'

I felt the sudden urge to paint Darth Vader last night when I got in at 11.30pm, I decided to start it as an inverted 'invisible painting (see my Keith Richards one for more details on inverted 'invisible paintings), and then develop this into the final 'proper' version.

So if there is a hard way to do it...this would be it.  I also was requested to do a time lapse of this one...although it was requested when the painting was already at the 'inverted' stage.  So for those banging on about wanting to see a timelapse of me you go , last chance as I'm selling my cameras very soon.

...and also here's a few very rare pictures of me painting in my painting room...for once not covered in paint.

the inverted version

Sorting out the mask

Doing the arm folds

thumbs up...all done

Saturday, 14 February 2015

New Paintings, Commission's and doodle

Commission I was asked to paint for a Help for Heroes Auction

Here's a few paintings I can show now , two of them Commissions and one a doodle.  First up is a painting I was asked to do to be auctioned for the Help for Heroes Charity, I took no payment for this one as I don't believe in doing something for charity and getting paid, plus it is a very worthy cause.  I did take a couple of 'in progress' shots during the painting of it that I have put below.
Progress of the help for Heroes Painting Commission
The 2nd commission was from my good friend Cris Robson (no relation), of his wife Amanda for valentines day.  Cris of course is the guy behind 3D palace.  As its already on their wall hanging I am safe to show this publicly now.

Progress on the painting of Amanda Robson

This is a weird one, it does have a story behind it.  ever since I was a tiny child I have always had dreams of this thing in the painting below, it seems to be a long red tunnel.  I have no idea of its meaning, or anything else (and no its not the light from my eyelids as I sleep always in total darkness lol)... Its never changed at all and always remains the same in my current dreams as it was when I was very young.  So I decided to paint it in the hope that maybe it'd help me to work out more about it.  As such its not really for sale... its more something I did for myself.

The 'Red Thingy' from my dreams since I was a kid

In other news I've recently started branching out writing on some serious subjects under a pen name, while some people who are on my main Facebook account know this pen name, its my idea to keep that writing 100% separate for anything else I do.  Its all non 3D / art stuff and as such, I ask anyone that knows this pen name to keep it to the group of people who already know it,

Friday, 30 January 2015

New Painting: Alice Cooper

Another painting to go in my 'Hero's' series.  This time of rock and heavy metal hero Alice Cooper.  Why is he in amongst my personal hero's?  Well lets put aside the fact I have been a fan since I was a child,  and know every song inside out and can play them on multiple instruments lol and look a bit more deeply.  
What the character of Alice Cooper ( Vincent Damon Furnier is the real man behind this rock and metal legend for those unaware) made me realise growing up and especially as a teenager was that showmanship matters, that it was ok to be seen by my peers as a 'bit odd' and gave me the confidence to finally run with the things I am good at.  (...and boy how I have ran the last 20 years!) I'm proud of the fact that I've went from homeless to where I am now.  (In fact back when I was homeless two things kept me sane...reading every Terry Pratchett book in the library, and an old walkman I had with a couple of tapes of Alice Cooper..little known fact that one).
I always found the exaggerated character of Alice Cooper to be very interesting, I always find it sad though that there are still some that cant tell the character from the actual human being behind it.  I picked this style for this one and colour scheme to reflect the old communist political posters... as the painting is named after a rather well known Alice song... 'Elected', it made sense.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

This is what happens when I get bored...

This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! seriously its not... or if kids are in the rooms or easily offended types... this is a warning.

I was sitting fairly bored today... so I decided to make a computer game… nothing normal…perish the damn thought!!  So I present to you ‘Flappy Dildo’  A rip off game where the whole point is to last as long as possible.

You play as a condom flying through space trying to avoid the giant dildos.. .Some of these dildos will fall on you!  Music, code and what passes for 5 mins worth of art are by me (so all blame for any offense if 100% mine lol.)  In was in  two mind whether to make this public or not lol.  

See! THIS is what happens when I get bored and have nothing do!


Please don't take this as a serious project it was an afternoon messing around for shits and giggles, but I am assuming you all know my sense of humor by now ;)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Paintings: Batman and Jack Nicolson

The 1st one is a painting of Batman that my two kids asked me to do a few months back....took em a while to nail down a design for the painting that I and they were happy with.  I started with about 8-10 block outs that had promise before settling on this one.

This one was just a spur of the moment thing.... as I have a couple of hours free before making my dinner.

Friday, 16 January 2015


After 10 years of 3D I looked like your not seeing one from earlier lol
I am reliably informed today that it is exactly 15 years since I started DashDotSlash as a company.  I'd already been doing bits and pieces of freelance stuff for about 5 years or so before that... Hence I am now officially an old fart of 3D.  I think the years have been rather kind...

Me after 20 and a bit years of 3D... could be worse :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Todays 3D doodles

A few more dick around's from today. A game res / real time mountain and a ....well..I've no idea what that fucking thing below is actually... Just shaking of the last few months of cobwebs.